Hello! I'm Wataru.

I’m a nomadic web dev + consultant that can help you create wonderful things for your web, system and business needs.

I believe that having passion and clear core values are crucial to any project, big or small.
I strive to make great contributions to your projects and people's lives.


From early in my childhood, I always loved to envision, create, as well as fix and tinker with things. Solving problems, improving or making something better is something I always enjoy.

After getting my degree in Industrial Design (BID) in university with some professional work placements, I ventured out of my hometown of Ottawa, Canada and went to Japan and South East Asia for travel and a bit of soul searching. During that time I was involved with various projects and adapted my skills to become a web developer. Some projects I was involved with were:

  • Design and coding of a desktop and responsive mobile websites.
  • E-commerce sites, portal sites, reservation systems and APIs.
  • Wordpress sites with custom designs and logic.
  • Integrating various third-party APIs/Services.
  • Code review and code optimization

I work remotely mainly because it fits my lifestyle, but it also allows me to get various experiences and challenges from various clients and projects around the world. I'm also constantly learning other software and programming languages to experiment and to further broaden my skills, as well as connecting with others to build a team and network of professionals to better serve your needs.

When I'm off work and studying I love spending time with my family, exploring (the world or the neighbourhood), taking photos or just chillin' in a café.

tools & skillset

  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • English, Japanese
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sketch
  • Adobe CS/CC
  • Google
  • MacBook Pro
  • FuelPHP
  • ReactJS//Expo
  • ExpressJS
  • JQuery/AJAX
  • Bootstrap


01 Consult + Research

We begin the project by understanding the goals, about you and your users or customers.

02 Design + Spec

We start to design: brainstorm, iterate and refine ideas into more concrete concepts and/or working prototypes.

03 Develop + Optimize

We develop the solution and optimize as much as we can to provide the best performance and experience possible.


Wataru Watanabe - wataruwatanabe.net

Personal website and branding

Designed personal website rebuilt with ReactJS.
View on Behance →

SALE - sale.net.vn

Industrial kitchen supplier website

SALE is a supplier and consultant for industrial kitchens.
The responsive website with Admin area to manage content was built using FuelPHP framework and Twitter Bootstrap.

Eigopedia - eigopedia.com

A website for teaching and translating English for Japanese

Eigopedia is an English resource site for Japanese who can ask simple questions about various English words and expressions.
The site was built using Wordpress and the theme was customized based on the Simple Bootstrap template.

Wataru is a pleasure to work with and has improved our website's design considerably. He has allowed us to concentrate on our core business more and leave him to optimize our online presence.

Nicholas Goold, CEO

Wataru was the perfect choice for creating a website for my industrial design company, as he has the same background as I do. He understood completely what I needed and created a website which gained many praises from my partners and customers. I'm really happy to have worked with Wataru!

Calvin H, Legion Productions

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I will try to reply ASAP, usually within a day or two.